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Other Instruments: Guitar, Bass

William Curtis began his musical career in the middle of 2008, when, after hearing heavy metal for the first time, he snuck into his sister’s room and “borrowed” her long-disused electric guitar, dead set on writing his own music and being in a band. Self-taught throughout high school, he was soon recruited to join a hardcore punk band, and has been with that same band ever since, writing, recording and performing at a variety of venues across New England. Beginning in 2010, he attended the University of New Hampshire as a music major, studying under world class musicians and composers like David Newsam and Ryan Vigil. There he was exposed to jazz, classical, and experimental music, particularly the music of Django Reinhardt and Grant Green. He was the leader of UNH’s first ever Gypsy Jazz group, the Hot Quartette du Durham, performing the first ever all-acoustic set at the annual UNH Jazz Combo concert. After teaching sporadically during his college years, he graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Music Performance and began teaching regularly. He joined the North Main Music team in 2016.

“Music is a language. Just like with written words, there is an unbelievable number of ways you can express yourself with it. Both have basic rules that can be followed or ignored, bent or broken to say what you need to. I help my students figure out what they want to express with their music and how. I teach them the rules of technique and music theory, plus how and why to break them. I try to cultivate awareness of the physical aspects of playing, plus critical music listening skills, to show students how and why other musicians create the sounds they do, and how to incorporate and expand upon those influences. Ultimately though, music should be fun and cathartic, so the student drives the overall direction of the lessons towards what they want to play. I’m just here to help them achieve those goals.”

Other Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Bass

Andrew Cass has been a musician since 2004, a composer since 2007 and a music teacher since 2008. He wrote three full-length musicals in high school and during college wrote the music for Princess K.I.M. The Musical, which went on to win the Ronald M. Ruble National Playwriting Festival, beating 272 other original plays. Andrew has had the opportunity to learn from and work with high-caliber musicians including New York multi-instrumentalist Premik Russell Tubbs of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. He writes and performs in a number of different genres, including musical theater, pop, alternative, metal, blues, and progressive rock. Andrew had the pleasure of joining the North Main Music team in the fall of 2013.

“When you teach students of different ages and backgrounds, certain things are always true. The first is that students learn best in the long term if they learn not only what to do, but why doing it matters. The second is that people always perform better at something when they have a personal goal they can connect it with. Whether is it becoming a recording artist or learning the chords to their favorite song, playing with purpose always makes a difference. Finally, my most rewarding moments as a teacher happen when I learn alongside my students – when we take on an especially daunting challenge and reach a new musical milestone together.”

Other Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Voice

Danielle Arena is a music educator currently enrolled at the Berklee College of Music. She has played guitar since the age of eleven and piano since the age of five. She has also had training as a classical vocalist and later studied jazz and pop voice. Danielle has composed in many styles of music, and written contemporary songs as well. She has been performing for nearly all of her life. She wrote her first guitar orchestra piece in high school and conducted the same class at fifteen. Danielle has been a member of the Boston Guitar Orchestra, an employee and volunteer for the Kithara Project Boston, tutors core music curriculum students at Berklee College of Music and arranges and transcribes charts for fun.

Other Instruments: Piano, Voice

Jacqueline Ward is a professional singer and music educator who began singing and playing by ear at a young age. She has performed as a featured vocal soloist and actress in choirs and musical theatre productions in her public schools and churches in the Greater Boston area. She began her training as a classical vocalist and piano pedagogist while attending Maranatha University where she majored in Music Education with an emphasis on early elementary and special education. During her college education, she toured cross country with MBU Chamber Singers, directed and performed in several musical theater productions as well as solo concerts. Since graduating, she has built her career in both the public and private school sectors including elementary and secondary music education and middle school & high school choir.She has been involved with the New Hampshire Symphony Chorus, Nashua Choral Society and The Mont Vernon Messiah Sing. Jackie has been with North Main Music since 2010.

“While expecting my first daughter in 2012, my husband and I traveled to Beijing, China to teach English for a summer. Despite the language barrier, I found music to be a highly effective way to communicate and teach not only language, but also art, science and math concepts. This experience further confirmed my philosophy that music is a powerful tool to unify people of all ages, abilites & cultures. I am thrilled when working with students, to find that we can connect and enjoy the learning experience together.”


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