Recording Studio

In addition to being Nashua’s best location for high quality music instruction, North Main Music is home to a full-featured, professional recording studio. Whether you want to create a demo, do voiceover recordings, or just want a high quality recording, our goal is always to capture great live performances in comfortable, creative spaces.

Our Live Room…

measuring 23′ x 13′, with 18′ ceilings, is an intimate setting with a warm ambiance. The room features an in-house 1969 Steinway Baby Grand Piano. The Live Room is suitable for solo performers, as well as duets, trios, quartets, and vocal groups. Our ability to control the character and tone of the room allows for an ideal situation for jazz and classical music recording.

Our Iso/Vocal Room…

measuring 5′ x 8′ is ideal for vocalists, guitarists and for voiceover audio work. Unlike our live room, this room has been deadened for minimum room noise and reflection. It is Ideal for voiceover and audio books.

Studio Control Room

Our Control Room…

features a 16-track Pro Tools system with high-quality custom converters from Universal Audio, along with preamps from BAE (Neve type), Universal Audio, and Audient. Gear List

Studio Rate: $60/hour