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Other Instruments: Ukulele, Guitar, Voice

Danielle Arena is a music educator currently enrolled at the Berklee College of Music. She has played guitar since the age of eleven and piano since the age of five. She has also had training as a classical vocalist and later studied jazz and pop voice. Danielle has composed in many styles of music, and written contemporary songs as well. She has been performing for nearly all of her life. She wrote her first guitar orchestra piece in high school and conducted the same class at fifteen. Danielle has been a member of the Boston Guitar Orchestra, an employee and volunteer for the Kithara Project Boston, tutors core music curriculum students at Berklee College of Music and arranges and transcribes charts for fun.

Other Instruments: Guitar, Voice

Madi Pineau is a voice and piano teacher at North Main Music. Her musical journey began when she took her first guitar lesson at age 10. Soon thereafter, she started singing and began performing in the Nashua area at age 12. Madi studied voice at North Main Music for three years. Madi studied Music Education with an emphasis in voice at Plymouth State University (PSU). She toured across New England, Washington D.C. and South Korea with the PSU Chamber Choir. In 2017, she was chosen to sing with National Collegiate Honor Choir in Minneapolis, MN. Though she is classically trained in voice, she teaches many types of music including Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, and Jazz. Madi is also an elementary school music teacher.

“My favorite part about teaching is watching a student grow and really come out of their shell as a performer. I like looking back at videos from a student’s first concert and seeing how far they have come from then until now. Not only can you see how much they have improved musically, but you can see how much confidence they have gained through performance. I love being part of that experience.”

Other Instruments: Saxophone

Aaron Gratzmiller is a piano and saxophone instructor at North Main Music. He began studying classical piano at the age of six, and picked up the saxophone a few years later. Inspired by the Jazz musicians of the ‘50s and ‘60s, he spent his High School years listening to local musicians, often sitting in with their bands. Aaron earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance from Berklee College of Music, and studied with instructors from Duquesne and Slippery Rock University. He has appeared with several local and national acts. Aaron currently lives in the Boston area where he performs and teaches regularly in the Jazz, Classical, Latin, and Pop idioms.

“There are many reasons for studying music; some people seek lessons with specific musical goals in mind, while others are simply looking for a fun and engaging way to spend their free time. I try to address each student’s needs by showing them how to make small improvements each week. On both the piano and the saxophone, this usually involves working on the fundamentals- tone, time, technique, and reading. I also enjoy working with students to select (or even write) real music that relates to their lessons, then helping them through the process of preparing for a performance. Beyond that, it’s all about having fun and trying something new.”

Other Instruments: Voice

Sibvon Rose Marshall began playing music at age two by ear. She is a recording/performing artist, a teacher, actress and singer/songwriter. Sibvon is trained in many types of music including Rock, Pop, Classical, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, and Opera. She has been a music director for various projects throughout Boston and NYC including the award winning Stoneham Dance theater. Sibvon is a former signed recording artist (liquid 8 records) and has toured the US, receiving national radio attention & promotion. She has also toured Europe multiple times with Chamber choirs. Sibvon studied vocals at Berklee College of Music, theater at Emerson College, Vocal/Speech Therapy at Beth Israel Hospital (Dept. of Otolaryngology, Boston, MA), Vocal Training from the Boston Conservatory and Improvisational training from Wellesley College.

“The thing I love most about teaching is being able to encourage and develop a students individual style. I enjoy watching them discover their voice and teaching them how to express themselves through singing. I love helping them grow into confident performers that can handle any type of music that is thrown their way because we have worked together to create their own personal style.”

Other Instruments: Voice

Jesse Parent is a voice, piano, and accordion instructor at North Main Music. At the young age of seven years old, little did Jesse know that his first accordion lesson would set him on a forward trajectory in life that would have music as its focus. Jesse has traveled the world performing with various musical groups, has starred as lead roles in musicals and opera performances, and has also musically directed a production of Beauty and the Beast. He went to the University of New Hampshire where he completed his Bachelor of Music in Music Education as a Voice Major in 2014, and since then has taught elementary school music, private lessons, and sings with a professional choir. Although he is classically trained, Jesse enjoys singing and playing all genres of music!

“I believe it is my responsibility as a music educator to give my students the opportunities necessary to express themselves through music. I want them to look at music in ways that they’ve never thought possible by using proper methods, theory, and techniques, but also want them to discover just how fun music can be. I use my joy and passion for music to work together with my students to help find songs that they are invested in, which lets them discover and accomplish things that they have never done before.”

Other Instruments: Voice

Sue has been singing since before she can remember and playing piano since she was 7 years old. In high school, Sue was the first-chair clarinet player as a sophomore, and the first-chair bassoonist in her junior and senior years. Sue was a vocal soloist and member of Voices of Distinction, a delightful and accomplished chorus centered in Kingston, NH, for several years. She also served as the Junior Choir Director and as a piano accompanist of Main Street Church in Amesbury, MA, where she is still a member and soloist in the Senior Choir. Sue is currently a lead singer of “Edgartown”, an acoustic rock and blues trio, which plays throughout the Merrimack Valley.

“My goal is to share my joy of music with all my students and to teach them to play and sing songs that they enjoy. Having fun is key to motivation and learning! It’s wonderful to see a student progress and to see their confidence grow stronger as they continue to develop.”

Other Instruments: Voice

Christie Conticchio is a piano and voice instructor at North Main Music. She began studying piano at the age of six, and picked up voice when she was in middle school. Christie’s inspiration for playing came from listening to Billy Joel as a child. She is a graduate of Rivier College in Nashua, where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. Christie has taught at North Main Music since 2009 and worked as a teacher in the Nashua School District for five years. Christie is heavily involved with the local theater community either performing onstage or music directing.

“I believe in creating a positive environment where the students feel comfortable to make mistakes, confident in their abilities, and having fun while they are learning. it is important to me for the students to have a good foundation of music theory in order to understand easy to difficult music. Many times, I will have my students sight read a piece to play in order to develop deeper level thinking. Lastly, I want to spark a love for music which I know can open many doors in all areas of life.”

Other Instruments: Voice, Ukulele

Jacqueline Ward is a professional singer and music educator who began singing and playing by ear at a young age. She has performed as a featured vocal soloist and actress in choirs and musical theatre productions in her public schools and churches in the Greater Boston area. She began her training as a classical vocalist and piano pedagogist while attending Maranatha University where she majored in Music Education with an emphasis on early elementary and special education. During her college education, she toured cross country with MBU Chamber Singers, directed and performed in several musical theater productions as well as solo concerts. Since graduating, she has built her career in both the public and private school sectors including elementary and secondary music education and middle school & high school choir.She has been involved with the New Hampshire Symphony Chorus, Nashua Choral Society and The Mont Vernon Messiah Sing. Jackie has been with North Main Music since 2010.

“While expecting my first daughter in 2012, my husband and I traveled to Beijing, China to teach English for a summer. Despite the language barrier, I found music to be a highly effective way to communicate and teach not only language, but also art, science and math concepts. This experience further confirmed my philosophy that music is a powerful tool to unify people of all ages, abilites & cultures. I am thrilled when working with students, to find that we can connect and enjoy the learning experience together.”

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Piano lessons offer a great choice for the first musical instrument that a student learns, especially for younger children who have never taken an instrument before.
North Main Music drum lessons are centered on learning the technique of the instrument, basic rhythm, and a variety of styles drumming.
When beginning voice lessons, most students will learn proper vocal technique, which will help them be able to sing in a variety of styles.
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