Voice Lessons

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Locations: Nashua
Other Instruments: Piano
Sue has been singing since before she can remember and playing piano since she was 7 years old. In high school, Sue was the first-chair clarinet player as a sophomore, and the first-chair bassoonist in her junior and senior years.

Sue was a vocal soloist and member of Voices of Distinction, a delightful and accomplished chorus centered in Kingston, NH, for several years. She also served as the Junior Choir Director and as a piano accompanist of Main Street Church in Amesbury, MA, where she is still a member and soloist in the Senior Choir. Sue is currently a lead singer of “Edgartown”, an acoustic rock and blues trio, which plays throughout the Merrimack Valley.

Teaching Philosophy
"My goal is to share my joy of music with all my students and to teach them to play and sing songs that they enjoy. Having fun is key to motivation and learning! It’s wonderful to see a student progress and to see their confidence grow stronger as they continue to develop."