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Diane Maille
Diane Maille
Locations: Nashua
Other Instruments: Piano
Diane is a piano, violin, and vocal instructor for North Main Music. She began her musical journey at the age of 5 when she picked up her first violin. After several years of playing the violin, she began singing and dancing for an violin orchestra that toured throughout the United States. Since her teen-age years, Diane has played keyboard (piano) and been a professional singer for many club/wedding bands such as The Curtis Knight Band, Players, and BarrNone. She has performed at Disney World, in Bermuda, Washington DC, Montreal, and all over New England.

Teaching Philosophy
"I believe first and foremost that a student should have fun while they are learning to sing or play an instrument. The reason I love teaching so much is for those moments when I see a student really having a good time while learning - that little gleam in their eye when they have accomplished something they never have done before. I have won many awards, but the greatest of my achievements was when a band of my 8-year-old violin students won 1st place in a competition. I just love knowing that I had a part in that achievement - it is a moment I will treasure forever."