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DeAnna Coleman
DeAnna Coleman
Locations: Nashua
Other Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
DeAnna Coleman has been playing, performing, and teaching piano, guitar and vocals for over 30 years, and more recently teaching ukulele. She studied guitar with Ksenia Mack, a performing singer/songwriter for the Porch Party Mamas in Boston, MA, and also studied piano with former Berklee College of Music Professor, Earl Pennington in Boston, MA. She has also toured locally both as a solo artist and as a band member performing on piano, guitar, ukulele and singing. She is a former member of the rock band Celestial Forge. Most recently she established an acoustic folk band called Trail Mix and has recorded songs with both of these bands. She also enjoys singing with church choirs and worship bands. Currently she is singing in a Women’s Acapella Group and playing piano for a local weekly church service.

Teaching Philosophy
"Music is a natural expressive art form. I believe that everyone is born with the ability to sing or play music at some level, and that each of us learn and express music differently. My goal and desire as a teacher is to motivate and inspire children and adults to make music based on their own individual form of expression. I try to tap into what motivates and inspires children to learn and play. For adults I like to encourage them to enjoy the art of music while having fun during the learning process. It’s important to also show students how to apply what they’ve learned to be able to express themselves fully and create their own unique style of playing or singing - that’s what makes music most fun and enjoyable. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach in my teaching. I like to find out what students enjoy most and customize my lessons based on what inspires them to learn techniques that will help them meet their goals as a musician."