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We specialize in teaching our students the contemporary and popular songs that they love through instructional methods that are easy, friendly, and supportive!

The violin is a very popular instrument for beginners and it is one of the most widely played instruments in the world. It is well known for its use in symphony orchestras as well as country and bluegrass bands and other popular groups. It is also extremely popular as a solo instrument. The violin is a very old instrument. It’s been basically unchanged for hundreds of years. It may sometimes be called a fiddle for country music or a violin for dozens of other types of music, but the instrument is the same regardless of where it is played. Famous violin concertos include those by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Paganini. Private violin lessons at North Main Music covers styles such as Classical, Celtic Fiddle, Folk, Country and Bluegrass.

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Skype™ or FaceTime® Music Lessons - Learn Music without Leaving Home!
So, you want to learn music but can't make it into our school in Nashua? Now, you can! Skype™ and FaceTime® music lessons are quickly growing in popularity due to the increase of broadband usage and improvements in video chat technology. These type lessons are very similar to in-person lessons, both in the quality of instruction and in the quality of results.

Exercises and in class examples can be emailed to you to keep you current with your weekly lesson. This is a great alternative for people that can’t travel to our school. Local or not!

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Violin FAQs
Yes, but we do not require it.
Bring your violin and any other materials you have been studying at home.
The short answer is yes; you will need to work on the assignments given by your instructor with your violin. A student can do an introductory lesson without a violin.
Yes, we teach violin to kids 5 and over. We also teach adults.
We don’t, but the good news is violin starter packs are relatively inexpensive and tend to retain their value. If you find that you don’t stick with violin, you should be able to get most of your money back by selling it.
We sell violin packs at North Main Music!
A unique feature of student violins is the huge variation in sizes. Buyers have the option of a full size, 3/4 size, 1/2 size all the way down to a 1/16 size violin. The correct size for each student depends on the arm length and overall size of the student. Generally speaking, by the time kids reach 6th or 7th grade, most will require a full size instrument. Before that age, students should really be measured by a music teacher to determine the correct instrument. It’s also important to know that the sizes of 1/2 or 3/4 are not meant to be literal measurements. A 1/2 size violin isn’t half the length of a full size instrument. These fractions are used as arbitrary labels for smaller instruments.