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Madi Pineau
Madi Pineau
Locations: Nashua
Other Instruments: Guitar, Voice
Madi Pineau is a voice and piano teacher at North Main Music. Her musical journey began when she took her first guitar lesson at age 10. Soon thereafter, she started singing and began performing in the Nashua area at age 12. Madi studied voice at North Main Music for three years. Madi studied Music Education with an emphasis in voice at Plymouth State University (PSU). She toured across New England, Washington D.C. and South Korea with the PSU Chamber Choir. In 2017, she was chosen to sing with National Collegiate Honor Choir in Minneapolis, MN. Though she is classically trained in voice, she teaches many types of music including Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, and Jazz. Madi is also an elementary school music teacher.

Teaching Philosophy
"My favorite part about teaching is watching a student grow and really come out of their shell as a performer. I like looking back at videos from a student’s first concert and seeing how far they have come from then until now. Not only can you see how much they have improved musically, but you can see how much confidence they have gained through performance. I love being part of that experience."