Guitar Lessons

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Travis Shelby
Travis Shelby
Locations: Nashua
Other Instruments: Bass, Ukulele
Travis Shelby was born and raised in New Hampshire. He began playing guitar at age 14 and he was initially inspired by bands like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead. In high school Travis was exposed to various kinds of music including jazz, blues and funk. This exposure would contribute significantly to his future development as a musician and also led him to study with well known jazz piano player Art Matthews. While attending Berklee College of Music, Travis was able to study with master musicians such as Richie Hart, David Newsam, John Baboian. Travis was able to gain further experience playing a wide variety of styles and also has experience in playing in musical pit orchestras and backing bands. Travis recently graduated from Berklee with a BA in music.

Teaching Philosophy
"I believe first and foremost that music should be fun. The study of music teaches us to be creative, disciplined and passionate people. It involves a lifetime of learning and growing. The most important elements of music are melody, rhythm and harmony. I teach students these subjects by showing them how they are used in songs, both contemporary and older. I also want to expose students to the history of music so they have a deeper understanding of how it evolved over time. I want my students to leave their lessons feeling inspired to practice and create. I want to see them go out and play with other people and share their music with the world."