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We specialize in teaching our students the contemporary and popular songs that they love through instructional methods that are easy, friendly, and supportive!

A banjo is a stringed instrument that has a classically rounded body with a long, thin neck. The number of strings varies depending on the type: a classical banjo has only four or five strings, but other versions may have as many as six. The instrument's sound is commonly associated with bluegrass and country western music in the United States, although it appears in other musical genres as well. Musicians all over the world pick up the banjo for its distinctive style and sound. Banjo lessons at North Main Music cover styles such as bluegrass, scrugg’s, clawhammer, and folk.

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So, you want to learn music but can't make it into our school in Nashua? Now, you can! Skype™ and FaceTime® music lessons are quickly growing in popularity due to the increase of broadband usage and improvements in video chat technology. These type lessons are very similar to in-person lessons, both in the quality of instruction and in the quality of results.

Exercises and in class examples can be emailed to you to keep you current with your weekly lesson. This is a great alternative for people that can’t travel to our school. Local or not!

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Banjo FAQs
We can teach both.
That depends on what type of music you prefer. 4-string banjos are typically for strumming, Dixieland "New Orleans" jazz style. Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong's early music, like "When The Saints Go Marching In" represents this style.

5-string banjos are typically for bluegrass picking. Earl Scruggs is probably the best-known pioneer for the 3-finger picking style, with songs such as "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" (theme from the movie Bonnie and Clyde).

We'd suggest choosing the instrument based on the type of music you enjoy most.
Tenor/plectrum banjos, used for Dixieland Jazz (New Orleans-style), have four strings.
Bluegrass/mountain/clawhammer/frailing banjos have five strings.
Guitar/banjos have six strings.
Our banjos are priced according to value. As with most goods, the higher the cost, the greater the value. Speaking specifically of banjos, the higher the cost, the better the instrument. If you're looking for the lowest-cost banjo, look at the Johnson and Rover brands. For banjos between $200 and $1,000, look at those from Deering (Goodtime), Gold Tone, Morgan Monroe, and Washburn. For the best sound, spend as much as you can afford to.