About us - First Lesson Expectations

What you can expect at your first lesson
For some people, it's a big step to signup for music lessons. We know the thought can seem a little scary – particularly if you're not used to playing an instrument or singing in front of others, let alone a trained, professional musician or vocalist! But don't worry: your teacher isn't there to judge or intimidate you.

Have you been thinking about taking music lessons, but you just aren't sure? A lot of people are passionate about music, enjoy listening to it live or on the radio, and may even fantasize about performing the music they love themselves someday. But is taking music lessons right for you?

Here is some information about what to expect at a music lesson, frequently asked questions about taking music lessons, and how you can benefit from taking them.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: what are my goals? Establishing your goals with music is what will help you and your instructor set a path for your lessons. For example, if your goals include sight reading better for your community choir, great. If they include one day, singing on the Broadway stage, great. Knowing your goals with singing will help you to stay motivated and moving forward.

So, now that you've decided to take lessons, what's next? At your first lesson, there is often uncertainty as to what to expect from the experience. It's important to know that although your teacher is there to help you improve, he or she will never make you feel like you aren't good enough to perform. Your teacher will work with you where you are at and help you get to the next level. Just play out loud and don't be afraid to show what you've got.

What will you learn? Music lessons are about more than just the end product. Music lessons engage the entire body and you will be instructed on correct posture, breathing and hand positioning. This may seem tedious at times, but keeping your body and your instrument aligned and working properly is as important as the sound that is produced.

What will you perform? This has a lot to do with your goals. Your teacher will have repertoire suggestions and books he or she may ask you to purchase. This is to help provide you with quality music to learn from and grow with. Musical repertoire books range from rock, folk, Broadway, classical, and everything in between. You might have goals to perform songs from other languages and cultures and that vastly expands your possibilities.

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